Thursday, 10 July 2008

Friday sketch challenge

This is another of my new High Hopes stamps which I love. This card was really fun to make as the background was so simple and quick (it gave me more time to embellish lol). This is the first one that i have tyred stitching on the paper and it was really easy will certainly be trying again.


Karen said...

Beautiful card Stephanie. I love these High Hopes stamps can't wait to see which other ones you got.

Mum x

Dawny P said...

Hi Steph. Thank you sooo much for stopping by and for your nice words xxx I'm glad you did cos now I found your blog and I just love your cards. Will add a link from my blog to here - hope that's ok - then I can keep coming back to see what's new xxxx

femke said...

heey stephanie,

your cards are looking beautiful.I like the high hopes image on the card for friday sketchers.

greetings femke