Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Iv been tagged

I have been tagged by my mum Karen.
and here is my answers to the questions.

What was happening ten years ago
I'm struggling to remember this i would have just finished first year at secondary school (I think) so i would have been getting ready for the summer holidays.

Name 5 things I will be doing today
1: Meeting my best friend for lunch.
2: Shopping for a graduation outfit.
3: Going to the sunbeds.
4: Making a new headed for my blog.
5: Play Mario cart wii with Dave (my other half) I will beat him this time!

Snacks I enjoy
I love, love, love chocolate and cheese on biscuits but am not having any till after my holidays because I'm on slim fast.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire
Have a fairy tail wedding with an extra ceremony at Disney world.
Open a pet rescue and re homing centre.
Open a weekend Craft hotel with my mum.
Buy a executive flat in town, a country home and a house with a boat mooring in America.
Buy my boyfriend a formula one team to race for and a home in Monaco.

Places I have Lived

was born in Wegburgh in Germany, then moved to Aberdeen for 7 years, Elgin, then back to Aberdeen for university and now working in Aberdeen.


Karen said...

Hi Stephanie,

You can get the charms at www.athenacrafts.co.uk

Mum x

Karen said...

Hi Steph,

Love the new blog header - it is brilliant.

I have left an award for you on my blog to pick up.

Mum x